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EIEF Edge Awards Winners Revealed

Brain Training scoops top prize; Dirty Sanchez grabs popular vote

Tuesday 22nd August 2006, Edinburgh/… The winners of the prestigious EIEF Edge Award and the brand new EIEF Edge Mobile Award were announced last night as the industry gathered at top venue the Jam House in Edinburgh to celebrate the best of interactive entertainment. Nintendo’s handheld phenomenon Brain Training was voted number one out of a shortlist of eight acclaimed titles and mobile favourite Dirty Sanchez: Party Games from Infospace was the people’s choice.

“The Edge Award shortlist is always an eclectic mix, but this year’s was particularly wide-ranging,” said Margaret Robertson, editor of leading games magazine Edge. “We’re delighted that Brain Training won – it’s a great ambassador for gaming and proves that the instincts for making rewarding and entertaining software that Nintendo has honed for decades can be applied in entirely unexpected ways.”

She continued, “It’s great to be able to include mobile games in this year’s awards – there’s been a real leap in both quality and diversity over the last year, and this year’s nominees are a reflection of that. The thing which really marked Dirty Sanchez: Party Games out was that it could only have worked on a mobile, and clearly that innovation is something that the readers of Edge Online really appreciated.”

David Yarnton, managing director of Nintendo Europe commented, “Winning this award recognises the innovation and creativity behind Brain Training. It’s wide appeal to both young and old, gamers and non-gamers alike demonstrates our success in moving the boundaries of traditional gaming.”

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